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Europe's leading centre of thermal dermatology exclusively dedicated to the skin


400,000 spa therapies provided since 1905

With 400,000 spa therapies provided since 1905, the date of the Centre of Thermal Dermatology’s opening, thousands of patients with chronic skin diseases and skin sequelae have seen the condition of their skin improve and the inconveniences linked to their ailments significantly reduced thanks to the unique dermatological properties of La Roche-Posay thermal spring water.

Every year nearly 8,000 people being treated at the spa, 30% of which are children, benefit from care that is approved and paid for by French Social Security, making La Roche-Posay Europe’s leading Centre of Thermal Dermatology.

Who are thermal spa cures aimed at, and what are the effects on the skin ?

Under the management of a team of 10 independent dermatologists, numerous inflammatory skin ailments are treated: 40% eczema and/or atopic dermatitis, 40% psoriasis, 15% scars and burns, 5% severe acne and rosacea (1). More recently, thermal spa therapy has also been offered to patients following treatment for breast cancer.

(1). Distribution of spa patients by ailment. 2009

Immediate and lasting benefits for the skin
For example,
- for people suffering from eczema, a thermal spa therapy stay can:
  • improve the patient’s clinical condition by 64% after taking the waters for 21 days and by 56% 6 months after treatment
  • purify their skin and soothe itching
  • fight cross-infection and lichenification
  • help them sleep better
  • improve quality of life

- for patients suffering from psoriasis a thermal spa therapy stay can:
  • significantly improve inflamed areas, dermatitis, and flaky patches associated with this ailment
  • lighten skin legions
  • make relapses less frequent, and reduce the need for corticoids.

The treatments offered by thermal spa therapy

Cure - Mains - SmallCure - Massage - SmallCure - Fille - Small
The spa therapies last 21 days. Patients are monitored by dermatologists every day and the different treatments given have very specific objectives:

  • The Filiform Shower, an essential medical aspect of the thermal spa treatment, is carried out exclusively by the thermal doctor. It cleanses the skin and removes lesions, while massaging deep into the dermis and having a soothing, anti-itching effect.
  • The fine projections of pressurized water, apply a very gentle, silicated, calcic dressing onto the epidermis. This particularly pleasant and soothing treatment is emollient and assists healing.
  • The baths, simple or hydrotherapy, have a decongestant and relaxing action.

The drink treatment is the natural accompaniment to the thermal spa treatments. It helps the body efficiently eliminate toxins and has a useful diuretic effect.

Complementary or specific treatments may be prescribed, such as a dermatological body wrap, a soothing mask, a massage in thermal water or oral treatments.

The thermal baths reserve a large space specially fitted out for children. The treatments, which have identical protocols to those for adults. are suitably adapted to children, with shorter durations, a less powerful shower water pressure, and equipment to suit their size.

The psychological support given to patients is often very useful and forms part of the overall treatment.

Practical information on the La Roche-Posay centre of thermal dermatology

For more information on the La Roche-Posay Centre of Thermal Dermatology visit (link to the thermal spa therapy website)