A better life for sensitive skin

Maintaining a delicate balance

The result of a mix of rain water filtering slowly through the Earth and very ancient (approximately 1,700 years old) deep water, La Roche-Posay thermal spring water sets itself apart due to its exceptional balance of minerals and trace elements.

Maintaining this delicate balance is essential to preserving the thermal spring water’s curative properties.

Our commitments

We own all of the land from which the spring emerges

This enables us to ensure the thermal spring water is permanently and optimally protected, from the land in which it emerges to its incorporation in the products.

We control the activities that take place on the land surrounding the spring

Strict specifications prevent the thermal spring water’s contamination by human and farming activities upstream from the spring’s emergence points.

We continuously check the water’s quality

Microbiological determinations are regularly performed on the thermal spring water to prove its balance and purity.