A better life for sensitive skin

La Roche-Posay thermal spring water is used in conjunction with a number of highly effective, patented active ingredients resulting from the latest advances in skin biology research. They are concentrated to just the right dose to achieve the best result with maximum efficacy and tolerance.

The anti-ageing innovation of DERM AOX is having succeeded in combining the anti-glycation agent CARNOSINE with a PYCNOGENOL-based antioxidant complex to halt the ageing process.
Glycation – or the bonding of sugars to proteins – is a known phenomenon in diabetes.
It has recently been identified as one of the indisputable mechanisms of endogenous ageing at dermal level: in the dermal core, sugar bonds to collagen and elastin fibres which become rigid. The skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles appear.
Carnosine is an anti-glycation molecule that has been widely researched by the medical profession. It acts like a lure to the glucose molecules responsible for the glycation of the dermal proteins, limiting the stiffening of the collagen and elastin fibres.

Madecassoside, a molecule derived from research into healing, is the star active agent in CICAPLAST. Highly purified (> 95%) it speeds up cell renewal to aid the repair of damaged or broken skin.

The result of 7 years of research, Pro-XylaneTM concentrated at 5% offers a new form of skin care for mature skin with SUBSTIANE