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Dark spots, hyperpigmentation disorders. Uneven, yellowish or dull complexion.

This long lasting whitening essence for sensitive Asian skin offers dark spot anti-recurrence efficacy.
It targets dark spots at every stage of their maturation,NASCENT, INGRAINED AND RECURRENT, to restore and preserve an even and transparent complexion, with results thats sustain in time.
Tolerance tested on sensitive Asian skin. Allergy tested. Paraben-free. Physiological pH. Non-comodogenic.

Instantly, this hydrating essence, with high concentration of [LHA] offers gentle surface exfoliation to quickly even out the complexion. The skin is hydrated, plumpy and luminous.
Clinically proven efficacy :

  • After just 4 weeks, with its powerful whitening complex [PhE-Resorcinol + Gingko + Ferulic acid], this essence visibly reduces pigmentation flaws and skin dullness.
  • From 8 weeks, dark spots are clinically proven to be diminished, in number, size and intensity. The complexion is even and radiant with a rosy glow.

Apply over the face and low neck line each morning or evening to perfectly cleansed skin.
Take a pearl-sized amount of this fluid, light essence on a fingertip. Allow to penetrate the skin using gentle circular movements. Avoid the eye contour. Use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15.