A better life for sensitive skin

Using a very strict clinical trial protocol

Once formulated according to our very exacting specifications using the most state-of-the-art, dermatologically-renowned active ingredients, our products undergo a series of very extensive tests to objectivise their efficacy.

Efficacy is assessed using instrumental methods, tests on non-pathological skin under dermatological supervision, and/or consumer usage tests on the target population. However, La Roche-Posay goes a step further by demonstrating the efficacy of its finished products through clinical trials coordinated by international dermatology professors, carried out on subjects selected using a very strict trial protocol based on the model used in the pharmaceutical industry and according to strict criteria: a visible result, improved quality of life, recorded by dermatology and scientifically measured efficacy against a placebo.

What is a placebo ?

A placebo has the same formula as the tested product, but without the active agents it contains.
What is a double-blind clinical trial against a placebo?
This trial aims to demonstrate the efficacy of the active agent(s) in a formula and its tolerance.
It is carried out under the responsibility of a dermatologist, and neither the expert nor the patient knows if what is being applied is the tested product or the placebo.

Unequalled clinical records

Since 1996, the laboratory has conducted one hundred clinical trials and about twenty of them have been published in professional journals, like the JID (Journal of Investigative Dermatology), the BJD (British Journal of Dermatology) and the EJD (European Journal of Dermatology).

Anthélios, a major player in the photo-protection industry, boasts an unequalled clinical record comprising 21 trials, 19 of which were conducted in vivo on 7 photo-induced pathologies. Anthelios has proven its efficacy in in vivo clinical trials on volunteers with sun intolerances caused in particular by UVA rays: summer light eruption, lupus erythematosus, solar urticaria, photo-allergic reactions. It has also proved effective at preventing photo-immuno suppression pregnancy mask.  For example, in a recent study we showed that 97.5% of patients were protected from benign summer light eruptions with ANTHELIOS XL after applying Extreme Fluid SPF 50 for 2 weeks in South Africa under normal conditions of use.

Lipikar, a line of body care products that has been recognised for over 20 years for its ability to soothe and replenish lipids in dry and very dry skin in infants, children and adults, has been tested in several trials including a prestigious trial on the quality of life of the whole family. This latter trial was conducted by dermatologists in several university hospitals on atopic children and their parents. It showed how Lipikar improves the daily lives of families:
"My child suffers less with his/her skin" 88%
"My child sleeps better" 74%