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All you ever wanted to know about skin and dermatological disorders.

Skin sensitive to shaving > [7] results
Golden rules > [1] result

10 habits to help you take care of your skin on an everyday basis.

Some habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long.

Focus on... > [1] result

Ingrown hairs: a common condition

Ingrown hairs, also known as folliculitis barbae, are a frequent reason for men to consult dermatologists.

3 questions to an expert > [1] result

Some habits help prevent razor burn.

Interview with a dermatologist, who gives advice to shaving without irritating the skin.

Testimonies > [1] result

"For me, ingrown hairs are a thing of the past!"

Thomas always enjoyed shaving, until ingrown hair began to appear on his face…

Enlightened by science > [1] result

Men’s skin: biologically different from women's skin

Men's skin is thicker and oilier than that of women, with more blood vessels and denser hair growth. Consequently, it has its own specific problems.

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Key Figure- 100% Men's skin ...

100% Men's skin is oilier than that of women. Its hydrolipidic film is richer, with 100% more lipids on the surface.

True or False ? > [1] result

Men's skin is thicker than that of women.

Men have thicker skin than women, both in the dermis and the epidermis. On average, the skin on men's faces is 22% thicker.