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5 beauty steps to take care of your hair

To preserve beautiful, healthy hair, adopt a good daily hair care routine.

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What causes scalp sensitivity?

A sensitive scalp feels itchy and irritated. An overview of the causes behind scalp sensitivity and the good daily hair care routine to adopt for effectively treating this disorder.

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To treat an itchy scalp, you must first treat the cause.

Interview with a dermatologist, who speaks about treating itchy scalps.

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“The itchiness finally stopped!”

Christine’s scalp started to feel itchy after her summer holidays. Today, the irritation and itchiness have finally stopped, thanks to treatments for a sensitive scalp.

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The statistic - 50% : This is the percentage of women ...

50% : This is the percentage of women who have a sensitive scalp and suffer from itchiness and irritation. 

Source : Clinical trial on skin sensitivity conducted on 400 patients by Dr Laurent Misery.

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Cutting your hair makes it stronger

This is a myth that is widespread, yet absolutely false. Our hair, which is embedded in the hair follicles underneath the scalp’s surface, grows from its roots. Cutting a strand of hair at the surface of the scalp will have no strengthening effect on the hair whatsoever.