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Oily skin with imperfections > [9] results
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Video - Oily skin with imperfections


Video - Oily skin with imperfections

Golden rules > [1] result

10 habits to help you take care of your skin on an everyday basis.

Some habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long.

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Acne and its different forms

Acne manifests itself in blackheads and spots. It can take several forms.

3 questions to an expert > [2] results

Cleaning oily skin requires particular attention.

Interview with a dermatologist on day-to-day care for oily skin .

I always emphasize the need for regular monitoring of adolescent acne.

Interview with a dermatologist on how to treat acne when it occurs during adolescence.

Testimonies > [1] result

“How we got rid of my daughter’s inflammatory acne”

Laura suffered from acne for several months. But with the support of her dermatologist she now has clear skin again.

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The formation of acne lesions

Acne manifests itself through the formation of retentional lesions called comedones, and inflammatory lesions, in other words, spots.

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Key Figure - 76% Is the proportion of teenagers ...

76% Is the proportion of teenagers who are affected by skin problems. They represent 70% of dermatologists’ acne patients.

Source : Quantitative La Roche-Posay survey among 118 dermatologists.

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The sun cures acne

The sun is a false friend. In the summer, its slight anti-inflammatory effect temporarily improves the appearance of imperfections. Yet UV rays greatly stimulate sebum production and thicken the skin leading to blocked pores. In the autumn the opposite happens: the imperfections reappear in even greater numbers.