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Make-up for sensitive skin

All you ever wanted to know about skin and dermatological disorders.

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10 habits for healthy, effective make-up

Putting on make-up is no haphazard matter, especially when you have sensitive skin. Here are 10 tips to help you.

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Peeling, ridges, mycosis... The various nail disorders

Frequent contact with water and detergents are forms of stress which weaken the nails. Here are some tips to keep them sturdy and healthy.

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"I have definitively adopted a special nail polish!"

Learn how Nadia, age 27, began using nail polish for fragile nails, and reconnected with colour.

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Key Figure - 3 à 6 : That is how many months ...

3 to 6 : That is how many months it takes for a nail to completely redevelop. A toenail will take twice as long to grow.

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When worn for too long, nail polish can make nails turn yellow

Unless you wear a transparent or treatment base coat. This base coat offers a layer of protection between the nail and the pigments in your varnish. Nevertheless it is still a good idea to let your nails breathe and wear nothing for a few days. Some varnishes have anti-migration pigments to limit yellowing of the nails.