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5 beauty steps to take care of your hair

To preserve beautiful, healthy hair, adopt a good daily hair care routine.

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Factors that cause men to lose their hair

man alopecia (or hair loss), which is often hereditary, may be slowed down, thanks to specific anti-hair loss treatments

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Hair loss: products that have been proven effective.

Interview with a dermatologist, who speaks about the different hair loss treatments.

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I tested a hair loss solution... and it worked!

Pierre was losing a lot of hair. So he began using an anti-hair loss treatment, which finally worked.

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Hair loss chain reaction

A scientific discovery has been made that highlights a phenomenon, which causes a hair loss chain reaction: micro-irritation.

The hair’s life cycle

Each day, we lose 50 to 80 strands of hair. New strands of hair, which have an average life cycle of 2 to 7 years, replace those that we lose daily.

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Key Figure - 50 to 80 : This is the average number ...

50 to 80 : This is the average number of strands of hair that we naturally lose each day, based on a natural and normal hair cycle.

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Baldness only affects men

Both men and women can lose their hair. However, women experience diffuse hair loss and tend to lose the hair on the top of their head. For men, hair loss may be much more extensive, leaving only a thin crown of hair above the neck and receding temples.