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Make-up for sensitive skin

All you ever wanted to know about skin and dermatological disorders.

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10 habits for healthy, effective make-up

Putting on make-up is no haphazard matter, especially when you have sensitive skin. Here are 10 tips to help you.

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Make-up for sensitive skin

A difficult, but not impossible, relationship. Women with sensitive skin need make-up adapted to their skin type.

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To address the signs of ageing, even out the complexion and play up volume

Interview with a dermatologist who discusses effective techniques for applying age-defying make-up.

Make-up for sensitive skin both corrective and easy to apply

Interview with a dermatologist who discusses the precautions to take when applying make-up to sensitive skin.

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my skin stays supple and is smoother

Discover the make-up secrets that Céline, a luxury boutique manager, uses to get a luminous complexion.

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You should always use a moisturising cream before for applying make-up

For a successful, luminous, even and long-lasting make-up result, it is advisable to moisturise the skin, regardless of whether you use a foundation. Moisturised skin also makes it easier to apply make-up and evens the skin's texture.

Make-up prevents the skin from breathing and causes blemishes

Choosing make-up products with a hypoallergenic, purified formula minimises the risk of intolerance and skin sensitivity and ensures maximum comfort for the epidermis. Certain products are even enriched with sebo-regulating zinc to fight the overproduction of sebum.