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5 beauty steps to take care of your hair

To preserve beautiful, healthy hair, adopt a good daily hair care routine.

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Stress can trigger or exacerbate dandruff.

Dandruff is a sign of a bacterial inflammation of the scalp, which accelerates the cell renewal process. Thanks to well-adapted treatments and a healthy lifestyle, you can once again have a healthy scalp.

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An anti-dandruff treatment must be adapted to the specific type of dandruff

Interview with a dermatologist, who speaks about treating dandruff.

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“I have finally succeeded in getting rid of my dandruff”

After years of mistreating her hair, Séverine developed a severe case of dandruff. She has finally succeeded in getting rid of it.

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Hair and scalp physiology

With a surface area of approximately 600 cm2, the scalp is a protective, physical barrier from which the hair grows.

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Key Figure - 48% This is the percentage of men ...

48% This is the percentage of men, mainly between the ages of 30 and 50, who suffer from dandruff.

Source : Ipsos, 2003

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Dandruff is caused by a lack of hygiene

Dandruff is caused by the proliferation of microscopic yeast in the scalp, called Malassezia. Harsh hair care products, stress, a poor diet and even wearing a hat for long periods of time may also play a role in the formation of dandruff.