A better life for sensitive skin


Marie, why do you think you developed pregnancy mask?

Because I have blond hair and light-coloured eyes, I never thought I would get a pregnancy mask. I was wrong: I realised it during a trip to Brittany during the fourth month of my pregnancy.


At what point exactly did the pregnancy mask appear?

I woke up one morning and I noticed a brown line above my lip, like a coffee stain. But I had applied sunscreen! I ultimately ended up with a major pregnancy mask on my face! It lasted the entire pregnancy and even for several months after the baby was born. Last year I became pregnant with my second child. And this time I took all the precautions!!

The solution


I went to see a dermatologist. She explained that pregnancy mask is related to hormones and that I had to be particularly careful at the beginning of my pregnancy. She strongly recommended I avoid sun exposure and that I wear a hat, SPF 50 sunscreen and sunglasses--in short, that I get as much protection as possible. I followed her advice and the pregnancy mask did not make a repeat appearance.