A better life for sensitive skin


Marie-Christine, what is your relationship with the sun?

I'm lucky enough to live by the sea. I have always thought that the sun is good for your health and well-being… Even after the birth of my children, changing my ways was out of the question. I have taken them to the beach ever since they were very little. However, because their skin is sensitive, I have always been very careful to ensure they do not get sunburn.


So how do you protect them?

To avoid all risk, I use SPF 50 sun protection creams and I simply exercise sound judgement. So, for starters, no sun during the hottest time of the day. Then I protect them with a cotton hat and tee-shirt. Without forgetting to apply sunscreen on a very regular basis (about three times per day). But my biggest concern is when they play at the beach. Because Simon and Jonathan love playing in the water, so far I have always felt obligated to rub them with cream every 10 minutes, which makes my afternoons tedious.

The solution

Do you intend to maintain this ritual?

Yes, I still intend to protect as much as ever, but I'm done with buying a tube of cream every two days! So, based on my pharmacist's recommendation, I am going to use water-resistant sun lotion.