A better life for sensitive skin


Sophie, what kind of relationship do you have with beauty?

I’ve always like to take care of myself. For my own pleasure and because I like to look good to others, but I also quickly realised that first impressions that count.  From my 30s, I applied an eye contour cream and had a light peeling treatment each year… Basically, I didn’t want my skin to age too quickly.


And what is your daily beauty regime?

Without spending too much on cosmetics, I have my own little routine which helps me maintain a fresh, healthy complexion… Even in my 40s. In the morning, I apply an anti-ageing cream, which on sunny days I swap for a cream that contains a sunscreen. This is lighter and essential to protect my skin from UV rays, especially since I love having breakfast on my terrace. And as I said, I don’t forget the eye contour, I now use an anti-wrinkle version. In the evening, I remove my make up with an oil then wash my face with a gentle soap-free cleanser. And again, cream, but this time I apply a product that’s suitable for my age to regenerate and boost my skin.

The solution

Apart from this daily regime, what else do you do?

Two or three times a year I treat myself to a serum treatment which I apply myself. It all depends on the needs of my skin and the time of year: super moisturising, anti-ageing, anti-dark spot, etc. It’s also a time when I get to discover new anti-wrinkle products. And when winter is over, a light peeling, to start afresh again.