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The cell renewal process speeds up

Dandruff is caused by the excessive scaling of the scalp. Every two weeks, the skin cells on the scalp are naturally renewed and eliminated in the form of tiny, invisible scales. However, due to certain factors, the cell renewal process may accelerate. Clusters of dead cells form, called dandruff. This is a very common disorder, which is rarely serious, yet unattractive. There are two types of dandruff:  
  • Dry dandruff: small, fine white flakes that fall onto the shoulders.
  • Oily dandruff: larger and thicker yellowish flakes that stick to the hair and scalp.
Dandruff is sometimes associated with itchiness and irritation.


Dandruff is caused by microscopic yeast

Dandruff is caused by microscopic yeast. When it proliferates, it triggers inflammation in the scalp. This results in the excessive scaling of the scalp as a means of countering this inflammation.  

Several factors may promote the proliferation of  Malassezia:  
  • External factors: humidity, frequently styling and blow drying hair, harsh products, hard water…
  • Internal factors: stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet …  
A genuine vicious circle, the itchiness and irritation lead to greater desquamation and the proliferation of Malassezia.  

Moreover, certain disorders, such as psoriasis, may lead to desquamation.


How can we treat dandruff?

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Anti-dandruff shampoos are an effective solution for fighting against dandruff. They are formulated to inhibit the proliferation of the microorganisms that cause dandruff. They also eliminate dandruff from the scalp, thanks to exfoliating agents.  

To prevent dandruff from recurring, we recommend that you:  

  • use non-abrasive, well-adapted treatments, which are gentle on the scalp

  • avoid harsh products and styling routines that can weaken the hair

  • enjoy a healthy lifestyle, with a well-balanced diet

If your dandruff does not improve, please contact your dermatologist.

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