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Can you introduce yourself? My name is Zaïna Aguenaou, I'm 28 and I'm from Morocco! I have a Youtube Channel "Zaina Aguenaou" which is basically my first name and my last name. My channel is about, beauty, makeup, skincare, wellbeing, food and FUN! Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber? I've actually started my Youtube channel because my friends encouraged me to do so, I was living in India for a while and most of the time I was giving some beauty advices to my friends and do their makeup for special occasions. Once I came back to Morocco, they told me to create my own beauty channel since I'm really passionate about it and since I no longer live with them to share with them my beauty tips. So this is basically how I've created my Youtube Channel and then realized that not only my friends were asking me for tips and tricks, but a new community who is following me as a beauty blogger. What is your personal story with spots? Regarding Spots, I've never had acne as a teenager, I would say that I have started to have some hormonal acne when I was at my 20s at the university and that was very embarrassing! First I've started to have some small spots on my forehead, then on my jawline and my chin. I went to see a dermatologist because I was confused and didn't understand what was happening. But then the scars are the worst part of the process, I personaly haven't tried some crazy remedies on my own because that was so new for me that I didn't want to mess up with my skin. But I can tell you that I have so many friends who went crazy with their skin to get rid of scars, by applying toothpaste, lime, different photo sensitive products and got themselves in trouble :) So Yes! I guess the best thing is to be aware about your skin type, your alimentation, your lifestyle and deal with Acne with a very responsible way by consulting your dermatologist.

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