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Can you introduce yourself? My Name is Sarah Radowitz and I'm 29 years old, from Berlin. I'm an online beauty editor for the german Vogue Partner Blog "This is Jane Wayne" and also Social Media Consultant for different international fashion & lifestyle brands. Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber? I started my blog during my studies five years ago. I wrote articles about current fashion events for an event blog from Berlin. Afterwards I worked for Vice magazine and I realized that writing about fashion, beauty and lifestyle was the work I wanted to do. Later I specialized with the new column "This is Jane Wayne" in cosmetics, health and beauty. Since the beauty industry is a broad field there are many possibilities for me as a blogger. By providing interviews, self-tests and reports I try to inform my readers and give advices and recommendations. What is your personal story with spots? I'm troubled again and again with little spots on my face. Due to hormone activity either to a greater or lesser extent. One day I tried out some clay for my spots. After a long working day I applied the muddy facial mask with some cucumber slices on top and lied down on my bed for ten minutes like a diva. But the ten minutes then turned to a whole night and I woke up with a petrified face. The completely dry and hard clay dropped off my dried-out face. After that, my skin needed several hydrating masks. I definitely don't recommend this "overnight treatment".

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