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Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Maša Zibar. I am 27 years old. I work as a producer at YouTube Network - "JoomBoos". My job and my life is YouTube.
Why did you choose to become a beauty youtuber?
Ever since I saw a YouTube video (5 years ago) by the beauty blogger Kandee Johnson I fell in love with YouTube and beauty bloggers. Since then my dream was to become a beauty blogger. My goal is to make my fans confident and happy with their life. Nothing else matters. Makeup is just here for fun. It's what's inside that matters. I want to teach them how to make their life pretty and fulfilling and help them become better people.
What is your personal story with spots?
I personally never struggled with acne on my face. Sometimes spots appear on my back and shoulders. It's like a sun allergy. One year it was so bad that I didn't want to be in my swim suit. I felt so dirty and like everybody was watching me with disgust. Now I avoid sun as much as I can.

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